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Teaching peaceful living & helping unearth our inner wisdom

Since 1936, the Brahma Kumaris have been working to introduce reflection and calm into everyday life - helping individuals feel more contented with the simple things in life, accessing inner wisdom to resolve conflicts, and using personal skills and talents to serve our communities.

Learning to enter into a natural state of calm on a daily basis helps us to think more deeply, feel greater empathy and live out our values in more authentic ways -- improving our well-being, relationships and career paths.

The Brahma Kumaris provides courses, seminars and retreats on a wide range of personal growth subjects such as meditation, self-esteem, positive thinking, stress-free living and anger management. All of our courses are inspired by the principle at the heart of Raja Yoga -- that there is a place of peace within all of us -- and by learning to experience it we can solve problems with greater compassion and integrity.

With over 7,000 centres in the heart of local communities, we are able to deliver free courses and events in over in over 100 countries by trained volunteers.

See for more information about the courses and trainings we deliver, international projects and partnerships with other values-based organisations.


Links to sustainable technology projects and other environment projects within Brahma Kumaris:

Green Angel Initiative


Solar Energy Project

Solar Energy Project

“India-One” in BK headquarters in India –


Sustainable agriculture in India

Sustainable agriculture in India

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The earth is what we all have in common.