LisbonRetreat2015About 30 people gathered from around Europe in Lisbon, Portugal from the 2nd–6th July 2015 to experience the soul’s true relationship with the five elements. The retreat looked at interactions with Nature and how to improve efforts to respect the environment. This retreat included meditations, Qigong and Hatha Yoga practices to sustain the body.

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German Green Walking Retreat 2In September 2014, it was decided to have a green retreat in Germany.  Instead of being based in one place, they chose to go for an extended walk - it was a big challenge.


The retreat centre at Vila Serra Serena, Brazil has been constructed using sustainable technologies.  Here is a photo-report presenting the centre.

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N-USA Green Retreat 2014-7In July 11-13, 2014 at Peace Village, Haines Falls, NY, USA, a 'Green Retreat' was held with a range of interesting topics and visits to farms where they put into practice the principles that they spoke about.

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Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center - Sunday, July 13 11:00am – 4:00pm    

TransitionToAGreenerWorldPeople are increasingly aware of the ecological and spiritual crisis caused by human beings. They want to create harmonious and sustainable lives for themselves and for all beings, and are urgently asking: How can this enormous task be accomplished?? This workshop will provide food for thought, spiritual tools and some action steps.

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