This video gives an overview of all the activities of the Brahma Kumaris at COP21.



GenevaPostMeetingA number of the faith-based organisations came together in Geneva to review what was actually achieved in COP21 from the humanitarian perspective.  This report gives a detailed analysis of the agreements made in Paris and their practical effect.

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JayantiInterviewSister Jayanti believes in the power of consciousness and thought to positively influence the world around her. The message she wants to bring to COP21 is that when her thoughts are peaceful and free from conflict she can create a situation where there can be peace and harmony with others and with nature. She explains that everything starts with the individual and even minority groups can have a powerful voice. 

In this interview, Sister Jayanti expands on this topic with great force of argumant.

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GoloInterviewGolo Pilz, advisor on renewable energy to Brahma Kumaris (BK), said they are at COP21 because BK want to bring consciousness into the negotiation process. BK believe ethics and values from the inside have to become a fundamental part of the negotiations. Pilz explains that faith leaders reach out to large numbers of people and therefore can have a profound role to play in changing people’s habits and hearts.  He also talks about the powerful impact of consciousness.

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05 11.12. COP Jayanti Valerien Golo meeting Nicolas Hulot and Hindu ibrahim 600In  this final report from COP:

  • Meeting Nicolas Hulot, advisor to the president of France
  • Working with the Climate Coalition
  • Very good BK statistics from the COP

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