Planning meeting for the BK Environment Initiative

The BK delegation got together a short brainstorming session on how we could move forward with the BK Environment Initiative and share this with the rest of the BK organization.

COP15 and the Klimaforum

This was a quieter day at both COP15 and the Klimaforum (NGO meeting), mainly because today was a day of demonstrations. Our interaction with the public was more of a one-on-one conversation as people visited both our stands. Many were from different government delegations, especially some of the African countries which included Senegal, Malawi, and Mali. During quieter times it was an opportunity for the local green team volunteers to ask spiritual questions to our BK delegates who were with them on the stands.

Meanwhile out on the street, people gathered in front of the Danish Parliament building to march to the Bella Center (COP15) about four miles away. The demonstrators were pressing for more decisive action on global warming. The crowd of tens of thousands was incredibly diverse and included young people from around the world, dressed as penguins and polar bears and dinosaurs, singing, dancing to stay warm against the cold breeze. Many chanted and carried banners reading "Demand climate justice", "The world wants a real deal" and "There is no Planet B". Though this was a mainly peaceful demonstration there were some arrests.

Closing Session of the Religious Leaders Meeting

Sister Jayanti, Sonja and Romas set off for the closing session of the religious leaders meeting which took place in Duemosegaard, the country manor of Hildur and Ross Jackson, founders of the Gaia Trust and the Global Eco Village Network, Denmark. It was a beautiful, modern farmhouse, into which the owners had just moved with a vision of having it as an ecological retreat and educational center. During this closing session each religious leader was asked to share in one word what their experience of this week had been. Many came up with words of oneness or unity. It had indeed been an unusual week where religious leaders from many different faiths had been able to be unified around this issue.

Finally an intense discussion began on whether anger could be righteous or not. At this point our delegation had to leave to join the "International Christmas Party" at our local BK center which was enjoyed by the whole delegation together with the local volunteer Green Team.


I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order. John Burroughs