Second Wave

A wave of arrivals and departures have taken place over the weekend in Copenhagen - - the departures of Renaud, Arnold and Dotre who left for France, Holland, and western Denmark respectively, and the arrival of Valeriane from Switzerland, Lotta from Sweden and Piero from Italy. There has also been a huge influx of additional NGOs, more government parties and government ministers who will be preparing for the arrival of their Heads of State this coming week. This has caused the organizers of the UN Conference to issue a limited number of secondary passes to the observer delegations – NGOs such as ours – to restrict the number of people entering the Bella Conference Center at one time. The capacity of the Bella Center is 15,000 and the number of registered participants is 30,000.

Our delegation of 17 has been limited to 7 delegates. Fortunately this doesn't make a great deal of difference to us as we did not plan to have more than 7 delegates in the main conference at one time.

COP 15 and NGO Forum

The NGO Forum has a well attended meditation each morning. This morning's session was lead by the Brahma Kumaris. Valeriane guided the meditation. After half an hour's powerful meditation, there was a sharing on empowerment. At the end one woman asked how activities like meditation would impact the COP15. This gave the opportunity to speak of mind over matter, and how creating harmonious relationships influences the whole community through a new, more positive, and inclusive attitude. This atmosphere supports a more constructive attitude towards climate change, in contrast to the outbursts of anger which are more commonly expressed.

Religious Service at the Cathedral in Copenhagen

Sister Jayanti, Sonja, and Winnie joined a congregation of about 2,000 for the Ecumenical Celebration for Creation which was held at the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen Lutheran Cathedral. Due to her much appreciated help with the Religious Leaders Meeting, Sonja had managed to get reserved seats in the second row with a clear view of the proceedings. Songs were sung in Zulu by a choir called Church on the Rock Choir from South Africa, in Greenlandic by Greenlandic choir, Aavaat, and in Danish by the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir. Three symbols of climate change were carried in procession: glacier stones from Greenland, dried up maize from Africa, and bleached corals from the Pacific Ocean, and all the songs and prayers were based on the natural world. The ceremony was presided over by the Queen of Denmark and among other bishops and church leaders from the 5 continents, Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams spoke an inspiring sermon, and Archbishop Emeritus, Desmond Tutu read a psalm. Sister Jayanti had the opportunity to meet with both archbishops. Desmond Tutu said he had been following the growth and activities of the BKs over the years.

Conference of Danish Industry – Bright Green

Mr. Pachauri, Chair of IPCCC and Nobel Laureate, spoke of how business cannot function in a society that has failed. Even if emissions come to 0% today the inertia in the seas (time lag) will make sea levels rise. Thermal expansion of oceans will definitely happen. His main points were:

• The global community, including business and industry, has to take climate change seriously. Now we have the opportunity to transform and come back close to nature. Natural energies are going to be the foundation of civilization.

• The Indian government has committed to 20,000 megawatts of solar energy in the next 11 years.

• Reduction of CO₂ emissions must happen by 2015.

• Using green technologies on a large scale ¬- as in Demark and Germany - doesn't reduce growth of industry.

• We can measure and predict the impact of humans on nature, but we cannot predict or measure the impact of the upheavals of nature on nature.


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