Christiana Climate 'Bottom' Meeting – Windows of Hope

This is the meeting that is parallel to the climate summit, primarily taking place at Christiana. The meeting held in the main tent was attended by about 60 people. Golo was one of the speakers on Sustainable Energy. In the introduction to the event it was mentioned that solar, wind, hydro-electrical, geo-thermal and biomass energy, together with energy conservation should be a central part of energy policies of the future. This is the way to achieve a CO₂ neutral society, where growth is measured in "soft' and immaterial values. Golo gave a power point presentation and spoke of the Brahma Kumaris activities in the field of renewable energies. He informed the audience about the latest solar development scheme in India to generate 20,000MW by 2020 and finished the presentation by saying that lasting change can only be achieved by a change in consciousness and practicing values.

Climate Change TV arranged interviews with Sister Jayanti and Sonja at the Brahma Kumaris stand at the Klimaforum, along with a well known Danish musician Peter Bastian, and Allan Alfred Hensen from "We Collaborate" – the organization facilitating these interviews. The general theme was how to continue after COP15.

Radio Interview
Radio France International interviewed Valeriane for both the Spanish and the French speaking channels on the impact of consciousness on climate.

GOP 15
In the afternoon Al Gore was scheduled to speak at a side event called Melting Snow and Ice: A Call to Action which was to be held opposite our stand. Over a period of about half an hour a crowd with many press started to gather. By the time Mr. Gore arrived a few hundred people had collected outside the room, unable to enter the already packed hall. Many milled around waiting for him to come out of the room for a glimpse or photograph. The result was that some wandered to our stand where Julia and Golo had the opportunity to tell them about our perspective. One such person was a young woman from Creative Climate. She interviewed Golo. Creative Climate is a diary project that will record how people understand and respond to environmental change over the next decade. It is a project hosted by the Open University and includes linked broadcasts by the BBC.

On leaving the Bella Center we were handed a piece of paper given to all NGOs by security informing us of further restrictions . . . From Wednesday only 7,000 NGOs would be admitted due to capacity restrictions – 15,000 capacity but 45,000 registrations!

Time to Change
On a dark and cold night over 200 people in contact with the local BK centre gathered in a beautifully decorated hall in the centre of Copenhagen to listen to Sister Jayanti speak on the theme Time to Change. She shared the highlights and impressions she gathered from the different events she participated in during her days in Copenhagen and the Climate Change meetings. She mentioned that Mr. Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UNFCC had said, "This crisis is not a climatic crisis but a moral crisis".

Sister Jayanti continued by explaining how values and morals are part of the inner being and this is what people can change through understanding the self more deeply, and through experiencing the very core of their being through meditation.

She also shared how people are now talking about systemic change, or system change however, history shows change happens, as social scientist Margaret Mead has said, "Only when a small group of committed individuals make it happen." Sister Jayanti explained that a system cannot transform itself, but a small group of committed people can change a system. Change has to happen in me first; when I change the world changes. If I am in touch with my inner core I'll respond peacefully.


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