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200px-COP15 Logo.svgDaily Reports from Brahma Kumaris Delegation at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark took place 7th -19th December 2009. It included the fifteenth Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the fifth Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (COP/MOP 5).

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The Brahma Kumaris international delegation was headed by Sister Jayanti, European Director, Brahma Kumaris and its NGO Representative to the United Nations, Geneva.

The team comprised: Arnold Bekees, Holland; Golo Pilz, (solar energy consultant) Germany/Madhuban; Julia Grindon-Welch, ( UN Office) New York; Patricia Itergurri ; Piero Musini, (Natural Farming/ Yogic Agriculture) Gubbio, Italy; Renaud Russeil, France; Sonja Ohlsson, (Green Team Coordinator) Copenhagen, Denmark; Valeriane Bernard, (UN Rep.) Geneva, Switzerland; Winnie Nielsen, Denmark.

COP15 – Bella Center
Will there be any Copenhagen Agreement?

Patricia reported that there is basically a two track outcome connected to the Copenhagen Agreement (the result of the Copenhagen summit). Each track has its own document. The first document – the 2nd phase of the Kyoto Protocol - is only for developed countries and is unlikely to include the US. The second document – the world agreement - will include commitments from both developed and developing countries, and will include a shared vision for long term mitigation, adaptation, technology and financial resources.

It is likely that the outcome will be a political agreement rather than a legally binding agreement, with specific numbers related to the levels of mitigation to be achieved by all countries and the amount of finance to be allotted for the short and medium term.

Planning meeting for the BK Environment Initiative

The BK delegation got together a short brainstorming session on how we could move forward with the BK Environment Initiative and share this with the rest of the BK organization.

COP15 and the Klimaforum

This was a quieter day at both COP15 and the Klimaforum (NGO meeting), mainly because today was a day of demonstrations. Our interaction with the public was more of a one-on-one conversation as people visited both our stands. Many were from different government delegations, especially some of the African countries which included Senegal, Malawi, and Mali. During quieter times it was an opportunity for the local green team volunteers to ask spiritual questions to our BK delegates who were with them on the stands.

Second Wave

A wave of arrivals and departures have taken place over the weekend in Copenhagen - - the departures of Renaud, Arnold and Dotre who left for France, Holland, and western Denmark respectively, and the arrival of Valeriane from Switzerland, Lotta from Sweden and Piero from Italy. There has also been a huge influx of additional NGOs, more government parties and government ministers who will be preparing for the arrival of their Heads of State this coming week. This has caused the organizers of the UN Conference to issue a limited number of secondary passes to the observer delegations – NGOs such as ours – to restrict the number of people entering the Bella Conference Center at one time. The capacity of the Bella Center is 15,000 and the number of registered participants is 30,000.

Christiana Climate 'Bottom' Meeting – Windows of Hope

This is the meeting that is parallel to the climate summit, primarily taking place at Christiana. The meeting held in the main tent was attended by about 60 people. Golo was one of the speakers on Sustainable Energy. In the introduction to the event it was mentioned that solar, wind, hydro-electrical, geo-thermal and biomass energy, together with energy conservation should be a central part of energy policies of the future. This is the way to achieve a CO₂ neutral society, where growth is measured in "soft' and immaterial values. Golo gave a power point presentation and spoke of the Brahma Kumaris activities in the field of renewable energies. He informed the audience about the latest solar development scheme in India to generate 20,000MW by 2020 and finished the presentation by saying that lasting change can only be achieved by a change in consciousness and practicing values.


A group of 35 people gathered from 8:00 to 9:15 am for a powerful meditation conducted by Sister Jayanti. First there was a deep 15 minute silence and then she explained about the soul, the Supreme Soul, and the home of souls. Each explanation was followed by a guided meditation on the same subject.

Mind and Matter Panel and Interview
At 10:00 about 60 people gathered to listen to a panel discussion organized by the Brahma Kumaris. The room gradually filled to capacity with standing room only.


Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.