p1050319medA group of us accompanied Piero Musini to the KlimaForum for a talk on "Natural Farming and Yogic Agriculture" It was the perfect place for such a meeting as the setting is the most natural, of all the arena's of the Climate Change Conference, being open to the outside elements and the audience is the most interested in natural ways of doing things.

Piero Musini started his presentation by saying that today, most people, especially the young people are so separated from the natural resources that are connected to our consumption. School children tend to think that produce somehow originates from the supermarkets themselves. Before families lived in houses with land, they were all relatively self-sufficient. They kept the seeds from this year's crop to plant the following year. Then when people started to move to the cities, the system changed, from being farmers they started to work for others, needs grew and so ways to produce the food changed, tractors started to dig deeper into the soil to bring soil with no life to the surface to prevent weeds. They then used fertilizers with nitrogen to make crops grow large and quickly.

Meeting with South African Minister at the Moon Palace Hotel (COP16).
A group from our delegation, Sister Jayanti, BK Usha, Sonja and Golo met with Edna Molewa, the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs.  Sister Jayanti shared with her the necessity for ethics and values to be incorporated into the climate negotiations.  The minister agreed and said that when there is not trust it is very difficult to come to an agreement.

Sister Jayanti also shared the news of the activities of the BKs in renewable energy and reforestation and then introduced Golo to the minister.  He briefly explained with the help of the brochure, activates of the BKs in the field of solar energy.  Sister Jayanti also informed the minister of our activities at COP16 and our plans for COP17 which will be held in Durban, South Africa.  BK Usha invited the minister to the local center in Durban and explained that we are making tentative plans to hold a Call-of-the-Time Dialogue with leaders in the field of Climate Change before COP 17, in which she seemed very interested.

Yesterday our delegation began to break up as Sister Jayanti, BK Carmen, and Usha left for Merida.  Early this morning S Jayanti went to the University of Merida to meet with the alumni of business administration.  She spoke on the theme of Administration for the 21st Century: Leading with Love.  200 business people attended.  After the program she had a live interview on national radio station called Radio Formula which was also broadcast in twenty-five cities across the US.

For lunch she visited Carmen’s sister Christina Barbacahano and her partner Fernado Ponce, who is also a COTT participant.  That evening a program on our same theme of Consciousness and Climate Change was held at the Daniel Ayala Theatre, in the heart of the City.  Sister Jayanti shared a platform with Eduardo Batliori, Minister of Environment for the State of Yucatan, Tomas Gonzales, Minister for the Council of Technology for the State of Yucatan, and our youth representative, Paulina Monforte.


The earth is what we all have in common.