FeedingTheWorldWithYogicFarmingAt Rio+20, (19/06/2012) Piero Musini, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University talks to Pavilion TV about Yogic Farming.

Yogic farming he explains, exposes the seeds to positive thought for a few days before they are put into the ground – and then throughout the plants lifetime.

He says the process – which uses organic methods of farming – has proved to be very successful and can generate the same amount of crops as conventional farming if not more and talks about a five year study underway in India which aims to prove the benefits of Yogic Farming.

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EU EnergyWeek 2015 bannerEach year the EU sets aside time to focus on energy issues.  This year it was the period 15-19 June.  Brahma Kumaris (BK) actively supported this with lectures and workshops to raise public awareness of the issues. 

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RadhaMohanSingh“Yogic Kheti can improve farming and farmers’ life”--Mr Radha Mohan Singh
All India Farmer's Empowerment Campaign launched - New Delhi, Sept. 13:

Union Agriculture Minister Mr Radha Mohan Singh said “apart from using scientific tools and bio-mass energy in agricultural sector, there is the need to employ the meditational technique of providing positive vibrations of peace, purity, love and care to soil, seed and plants through raj-yoga meditation for improving farming and farmers’ life."

Yogic farming has been found to make a significant difference to agricultural production. Scientific studies have shown it is generally better than using fertilisers.

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YogicFarming2015As part of the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative, a presentation of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture was made at EXPO 2015 Milan, on 10 July 2015. They described best practices and the significant results of thousands of farmers was described.

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VIDEOLINKS to Brahma Kumaris activities during Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009

Videos made by BK

Time to Change
The current issues around climate change encourage all of us to revise our way of thinking as well as our lifestyles. A talk by Sister Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and its representative for the United Nations, Geneva. She had been invited to Copenhagen in December as one of 20 spiritual leaders from all over the world. Monday 14th Dec. 2009.
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Inner Leadership for a Sustainable Future
Sister Jayanti, Brahma Kumaris, addressing the spiritual perspective of climate change at grassroots climate change meetings ”Windows of Hope” Christiania, a Freetown in Copenhagen. The theme Worldview, Culture, Spirituality, Values was addressed by both Danish writers and international speakers Sunday 6th Dec. 2009.
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Voices of Hope - responding to the Call of the Earth
Introduction to an evening program at the National Museum of Denmark arranged by Global Peace Initiative of Women. Thursday 10th Dec. 2009.
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Climate Change TV interview of Sister Jayanti, Brahma Kumaris, at COP15, Bella Center
Climate Change TV is the world's first Internet broadcaster dedicated entirely to climate change issues, featuring exclusive interviews with world leaders, environmental ministers, expert scientists, decision makers, activists and many of the most important and influential figures involved in the international climate change debate. Wednesday 9th Dec. 2009. Link to the video

Mind & Matter - Confluence of Two Living Systems
A conversation between Sister Jayanti, a meditation practitioner for more than 40 years and a spiritual expert on the living system of the soul and how it is connected to matter, and Joachim Golo Pilz, an entrepreneur in the field of solar power plants and alternative energy forms. Peoples' Climate Summit. Tuesday 15th Dec.2009. Link to the video

Press conference at COP15
arranged by Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change and 350.org. Wednesday 9th Dec. 2009.
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Crucial Principles for Radical Change -  lectures, dialogue and music.
People Climate Summit. Thursday 18th Dec.  2009. See contribution by Valeriane Bernard from Brahma Kumaris in Geneve.
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MP3 files for download of BK's own programmes

Mind & Matter - Confluence of Two Living Systems A conversation between Sister Jayanti and Joachim Golo Pilz,
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Time to Change - a lecture  by Sister Jayanti.
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We cannot command Nature except by obeying her. Francis Bacon