Get together with COY group SMALLThe Brahma Kumaris delegates have all arrived in Marrakech, Morocco in good time for the start of events for the COP22 meeting (Conference of Parties - organised by UN Framework Convention on Climate Change).  This first report includes activities of:

  • Fez, summit of conscience, Mr Nizar Baraka, president of the economic, social and environment council of Morocco and president of the science committee of the COP22 was the host for the summit
  • Conference of Youth (COY12) (detailed report to follow)
  • "A Sacred  Relationship with Nature", a programme held in Casablanca
  • Getting organised - meeting after a year of intense preparation.

pdfSee the report...

LogoCop22The Brahma Kumaris team are now assembling and gettting ready to attend the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP22) in Marrakech, Morocco (7-18 November 2016). Their details can be seen pdfhere

The Brahma Kumaris have an ambitious programme for the conference and that can be seen pdfhere.

The statement "Building Spiritual Capacity to Respond to Global Climate Change" can be seen  pdfhere

The reports from the COP22 team can be seen here

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