demo reducedThis report includes:

  • delivery by rickshaw
  • singing Greenpeace
  • Meeting UNFCCC Secretary General
  • Climate policy frameworks by German research institutes
  • Visiting famous places
  • Hope and strength for a world in transition
  • Interview by Solution Zone TV

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9.11 WGC Action Caro smallThis report includes:

  • Youth and future generations day
  • The multi-faith sustainable living initiative
  • Young feminist day
  • Indo-German dialogue on Sustainable Lifestyles
  • A stage performance: "Close the Gap"
  • 100% Renewable energies
  • Yoga in the Indian Pavilion
  • Great food and farewell to Didier

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Pacific women smallThis report includes:

  • Women and Gender Constituency meeting
  • Meeting of faith-based organisations
  • Sister Jayanti's interview in the Climate Action Studio
  • some very good photos

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Juan smallThis report from the BK COP team includes:

  • Interfaith programme "Sustainable living"
  • RINGO meeting
  • A surprise find
  • Juan's interview by a North Carolina reporter
  • Juan's nano interview 
  • Photo of our team and stand
  • Sonja and Golo meeting Dr Daniel Klingenfeld, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
  • Photos of the team in action

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changing minds not climateThis report from the BK COP team includes:

  • The opening of the conference,
  • The opening of the BK stands
  • The side event: Global implications of rapidly changing Arctic
  • Golo's presentation at Cologne Institute for Tropical Science
  • BK side event: Visionary leadership for the transition to clean energy
  • Evening reception
  • Team photo

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Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.