EUEnergyWeekRpt2014This report summarises the activities of Brahma Kumaris in support of the EU Energy Week.

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eusew2014vectorBrahma Kumaris is dedicating  9 different programs in 8 different cities to EU Energy week 2014 under the main theme of Sustainable transitions demands a new mindset. The main program will be in Brussels 25th June:

New Thinking Creates New Realities...

Sustainable transitions demands a new mindset... and the call of the time now is asking us to shift our awareness towards in the global and EU debate.  So what is the shift in awareness that can ease the transition to the vision we hold?  What is the vision?'

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Exhibition: Consciousness & the Environment

11.00 – 18.00, 21 June - 29 June (not 25 June) - Brussels

Indiart Gallery, 23 Rue du Montagne, 1000 Brussels (Next to Grand Place)

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New Thinking Creates New Realities...

Wednesday 25th June – Brussels

” - Sustainable transitions demand a new mindset...
and the “call of time” is asking for a profound shift in awareness.

Golo Pilz - Director “India One“, an innovative 1 Mw solar thermal power plant.
Jayanti Kirplani - Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Europe and Middle East and its main NGO
Kaushik Ghosh - Senior Director, Networks and Telecoms,.
Last speaker to be confirmed.

13.00     – 14.30, Aloft Hotel, Place Jean Rey 3, 1040 Brussels

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World in Transition - New Thinking Creates New Realities

Wednesday 25th June – Brussels

We can see that sustainable transitions demands a new mind set! So what is the shift in awareness that can ease the transitions towards the vision we hold?

BK Jayanti Kirpalani, Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Europe and Middle East
Joachim Golo Pilz, director of the Solar Research Institute in India

19.00 – 21.00, Sheraton Hotel, Place Rogier 3, Brussels

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For 2014, MeditationByLake-reducedBrahma Kumaris in Copenhagen will focus on 10 Values for a Greener Lifestyle.  We meditate together for the environment and give lectures focusing on the relationship between our thoughts, lifestyle and the environment. 

There is a special event: 14:00 to 15:00, Sunday 1st June 2014, Islands Brygge.  This event is dedicated to Copenhagen as Europe's Green Capital 2014 - Sharing Copenhagen.  You can nourish both your soul and the planet with peaceful thoughts in a meditation outdoors. Both beginners and experienced meditators can participate. A brief introduction to meditation and the environment will be given, then 45 minutes meditation with both guidance and silence.

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Sharing Values
for Sharing Copenhagen

Jayanti HH Außen-2Courageous People in Dialogue

A discussion with:

BK Jayanti Kirpalani,
Anna Leidreiter,
Dieter Lünse,
Joachim Golo Pilz.

7:00 – 9:00pm, Tuesday, 3rd June 2014
Rudolf Steiner Haus, Mittelweg 11, 20148 Hamburg, Germany

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The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.