460 Co2PlaneAll forms of travel are among the biggest emitters of CO2, especially air travel. With one international flight we exceed our recommended annual carbon footprint. In order to protect our planet, it is advisable to travel less – go by train and bus instead of car and plane.

If travel or flying is required, you can now compensate for your contribution to CO2 emission by contributing 3-5% of your yearly travel budget towards a dedicated BK travel compensation fund. These funds will be used by Brahma Kumaris for solar and green projects in order to compensate for your travel emission.

Start now:

- Reduce your personal travel CO2 footprint

- Use environmentally friendly ways to travel

- Compensate for your contribution to CO2 emission by donating towards the compensation fund

- Share your experiences via mail

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460 Time To Plan LogoAccording to the latest scientific news from the UN Climate and Bio Diversity Conferences, the planet is at the brink of collapse. Such a disaster can disrupt essential services such as water & food supplies, electricity, healthcare, sewage/garbage removal, transportation and communications. We all are aware about the time we are living in. Hence it makes sense to be prepared mentally and physically as best as possible.

Be Prepared, Recover, Respond and Help

- Prepare a plan and allocate funds

- Create provisions and supplies

- Be Ready

- Be Steady

- Stay Calm

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This report describes the last day of this important meeting and includes a series of photographs.

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We are all here on this planet, as it were, as tourists. The most important thing is to be a good human being. Dalai Lama