ACTIVE PEACE PROJECT PILGRIMAGEOn Thursday, 22 February 2019, Valériane Bernard, Brahma Kumaris, joined the Peace Pledge Pilgrimage organised by the Active Peace Foundation in New Delhi, India. This project, initiated by the Universal Sufi Council, includes the explicit study and promotion of the universal values at the core of every major religious and faith tradition. This pilgrimage brought together a range of faith based orgnaisations who shared their perspectives for a better world and a better environment.

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GreenDayMadhubanMarch2019In Madhuban, the Green Day dedicated to the environment has now become an annual event for double foreigners.  It was a chance to look at the environment from a number of different perspectives and to develop planetary consciousness.

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A presentation by Golo Pilz on the role of faith in sustainable technology in the face of global climate change.  It includes descriptions of large and small scale use of solar power for cooking, solar lanterns and yogic farming - using meditation to increase yields while avoiding the use of fertilisers.  These practical results are also combined with significant social benefits.

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This report describes the last day of this important meeting and includes a series of photographs.

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Man is a complex being: he makes deserts bloom - and lakes die.