violence2018This article by Shivani, published in Times of India, Speaking Tree section, discusses some of the woes of this world and simple changes we can each make to create a much better world.

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UKecoNews2018This workshop was carried out by Joanna on a very hot day in May at the Bradford Inner Space for the general public.  It focused on sustainability - what does it mean, how is it achieved.  A presentation was made as to how Global Co-operation House in London (Europe's BK  main office) are now using bio-degradable refectory materials; a good lesson for us all.  It is all very interesting.

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LivingTheChangeLogox460Earth is our shared home, a blessing that supports all life. This global inter-faith project is an opportunity to touch and inspire all souls, without regard to background or faith.  It will bring us all closer in healing our Mother.

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Report EUSEW Berlin 2018As part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), a symposium was held at the EUREF-Campus in Berlin in June.  The subject was Consciousness and Climate Change: New Perspectives on a World in Transition.  The Brahma Kumaris were active in this symposium and Carolin Fraude of Brahma Kumaris facilitated.

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TallinSonja and Golo facilitated a number of programmes in Tallin Estonia and have created a lovely photo report.

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How to be green? Consume less. Share more. Enjoy life.