zFoodIn July, four very experienced cooks gave a seminar at Global Co-operation House, London, on how to eat in a healthy way for body and soul.  They described and demonstrated favourite recipies which were much appreciated at the end of the seminar.  Their talks included the preparation of food and mind before cooking.

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zV1A green retreat was held in Lisbon, Portugal, 12 - 16 July 2018.  The retreat explored the relationship we have with the five elements through meditations, professional advice and art.  Valériane descibed the Brahma Kumaris support for the 'Living the Change' project.

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NegToolKitA Negotiator’s Toolkit was written by the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) to support negotiators engage with their governments on reasons why urgent, rights-based climate action is critical to the long-term well-being and stability of their countries.  The booklet offers ten concise, expert arguments which are referenced to published literature.  This publication was inspired by a side event co-hosted by QUNO, Brahma Kumaris and Newcastle University, during a climate change conference in May 2017, in Bonn, Germany. This second edition includes additional information and references.

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Bro. Golo s. Sonja and ecologists SMALLGolo and Sonja visited St Petersburg and gave a number of talks and had meetings with several VIPs of Russian society.  It was a warm meeting of minds.

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pdfCare and Compassion for Biodiversity Brochure 27 01 2018 CTP Email file.cdrCare and Compassion for Biodiversity 2018

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For the first time in the history of the world, every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception until death.