RioCentro Tam [300]Women's Side Event
Sister Jayanti and Julia Grindon-Welch attended a side event called Women's Resistance and Resilience, organized by, among others, the Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) [...]

Peoples Summit – Flamengo Park
Our first event was Consciousness and Environment: the Confluence of Two Living Systems Valeriane Bernard, our UN Representative in Geneva moderated this deep and evolving conversation. [...]

Valeriane Bernard was a panelist in Climate Change and Human Rights, an event arranged by the Geneva Interfaith Forum on Climate, Environment and Human Rights. In this illuminating discussion, two things in particular stood out.[...]

Workshop by Luciana Ferraz and Ken O'Donnell – Spirituality and Inner ecology [...]

25 years celebration

BeloH [262]Sister Jayanti and Ken O'Donnell came back from Belo Horisonte after celebrating 25 years of service there. There was a grand program called "The Future We Want" on the 13 th June, and 900 people attended. The program happened in an elite club, which is known for preparing athletes for the Olympics. The Director of Sports opened the event, saying they want Brahma Kumaris to partner with their organisation to support the mental strength of their elite athletes. Then, Marcus Vianna, a famous musician played beautifully after which Sister Jayanti spoke about the responsibility each of us has to create the future we want. It is now time to move from the darkness into the light and align ourselves with a new energy and a new way of being. Then the celebrations began!

BKexhibit1 [229]Leading up to Rio + 20 The Brahma Kumaris coordinators for Brazil Br. Ken O'donnell and Sis. Luciana Ferraz have build up excellent relations with high level people involved in sustainable development through the yeas since the 80's and so preparation for Rio + 20 started many years ago and the international team have been focusing specifically on this Rio+20 conference since last year. As well as the UN conference, Rio is the host for another big conference. The Brazilian Civil Society organized itself to create the Peoples Summit, in 1992, and the tradition continues. In 1992 the BK delegation included Dadi Janki, Sis Mohini and Gayatri.

Youth blast [450]From June 7th till 12th, BK attended the Youth Blast, official event of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Major Group for Children and Youth.

The Youth Blast was divided into a Brazilian meeting (June 7th and 8th) and an international meeting (June 10th till 12th). In total, more than 2.000 youths have attended the event, which took place at SulAmerica Convention Centre, in Rio de Janeiro. Representing the BK, there was Juan (Canadá), Augusto, Cleide, Cristina, Kamila and Vinícius (Brazil).

English [85]Brahma Kumaris contribution and programme

We suggest that a spiritually aligned life naturally embraces the well-being of the self, one's family, one's community and the world.
Universal principles and natural laws such as co-operation, living cycles, cause and effect and nonlinearity apply to the spiritual, energetic world and to the outer, natural world, because they are really one world, appearing to be two.


Time and space - time to be alone, space to move about - these may well become the great scarcities of tomorrow.