Inauguration India OneThe 1MW solar PV power plant at Shantivan, Rajastan, India was recently inaugurated by Dadi Jank and other seniors in the presence of other VIPs and companies that had worked on the project.

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339596 scaledThis summit on Science, Spirituality and Environment was held at the Brahma Kumaris site in Abu Road, Rajasthan, India in September 2018 - looking at the role of human beings in creating a better world".  A.  The event was attended by a number of VIPs from government, entertainment industry and the Brahma Kumaris.  Mr Narendra Modi, the Prime Mnister of India sent a letter of good wishes for the success of the summit.  10,000 delegates from 140 countries attended the summit and it was a great success.

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Cologne 2018Many religious organisations came together in Colgne to consider what changes they could make as individuals and as religions to better protect biodiversity.  The Brahma Kumaris supported this activity.

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SFGolo attended the Climate Action Summit in San Francisco and took the opportunity to visit various places in Canada and the US west coast, doing good service all the way. About 4000 delegates from all over the world attended the summit including numerous VIPs.

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UKecoNews2018This workshop was carried out by Joanna on a very hot day in May at the Bradford Inner Space for the general public.  It focused on sustainability - what does it mean, how is it achieved.  A presentation was made as to how Global Co-operation House in London (Europe's BK  main office) are now using bio-degradable refectory materials; a good lesson for us all.  It is all very interesting.

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