Water-a-vital-resource-waste-not-want-not full viewArticle by Sister Jayanti in Broker online magazine

Without dwelling on how vital a resource water is for life (our life!) on planet Earth, and without elaborating how water scarcity impacts the lives of countless human souls on planet Earth, I feel it is best to begin with my own personal relationship and responsibility towards this valuable resource.

My own personal relationship with water is one of extreme care, caution and enormous respect – to use it economically, equitably and sustainably.


Thursday, January 24, 2013
Inner Ecology: Aligning Awareness and Action for the Future We Want
Poster Session and Workshop
At the international Sustainability Conference in Hiroshima Japan, from January 23 – 25, the BK team, including Charlie Hogg, Rajni, Mizue, Yasue and Evelyn, participated daily in many sessions, networking with delegates from many of the 46 countries represented.

Welcome to the second edition of the Brahma Kumaris-Pachamama Alliance Partnership Update! Please allow yourself a few minutes to appreciate all that is happening in our collaboration with the Awakening the Dreamer Workshop.

October 2012 

Jon and audience 2For the first time in India, outside of Shantivan, Awakening the Dreamer (Kumbhakarna) Workshop was presented at Shantisarovar Retreat Centre in Hyderabad. The Brahma Kumaris and the Pachamama Alliance collaboratively presented the workshop with Jon Symes, Program Director from Pachamama Alliance and Brahma Kumari Elizabeth of San Francisco, USA. There were 110 participants, half of which were BKs and 25 of the other had come to a BK event for the first time.




Human destiny is bound to remain a gamble, because at some unpredictable time and in some unforeseeable manner nature will strike back.