As the partnership between the Pachamama Alliance and the Brahma Kumaris continues to strengthen, we are excited to share with you some of the great news and happenings around the world. Earlier this year we launched this beautiful partnership and created the Awakening the Dreamer Workshop (specifically designed for the Brahma Kumaris). The workshop materials are available on the Pachamama website and this report is based on the number of downloads and presentations that have happened between January and August of 2012.


Awakening the Dreamer
The Brahma Kumaris and the Pachamama Alliance collaboratively presented the Awakening the Dreamer Workshop at Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Centre in Novato, California (near San Francisco) on July 28, 2012. This joint venture was done for the first time in the USA to engage members of the public in some of the urgent and necessary questions of this age: Where are we? How did we get here? What is possible now? Where do we go from here? Our common mission is to create an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just world.


EcoShanti flyer [518]The aim of the 'Eco Shanti' retreat was to create an experience for participants that spiritual understanding creates a shift of awareness and through this awareness we can deeply feel the well being within ourselves, while contributing to that of our planet.
Eco Shanti was presented for the first time in Peace Village the Brahma Kumaris Retreat center in the state of New York. There were fifteen participants who attended to the invitation. The retreat last for three days and during the weekend the participants had the opportunity to rediscover the natural harmony that can exist between the self and Mother Earth.

rio Page 01 [292]A Call for Conscious Collective Action Engaging Leaders from Business, Society and Spirituality
This book brings together all those  voices that were raised during the Wings for RIO+20 Leadership Forum in The Hague in May 2012. An event that brought together spiritual, organizational business and societal leaders.  Consciousness was raised, attitudes changed, visions created. This will impact our behavior for a sustainable world where happiness, health and wellbeing for all beings are our primary goals. It is meant to be shared, inspire and give wings to continuous conscious collective action in your own environment and beyond. We are looking forward to continue our common journey towards a more sustainable world.

Muriel Arts, SEAL Institute
Sander Tideman, Global Leaders Academy
Brigitte van Baren, Inner Sense



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