rio Page 01 [292]A Call for Conscious Collective Action Engaging Leaders from Business, Society and Spirituality
This book brings together all those  voices that were raised during the Wings for RIO+20 Leadership Forum in The Hague in May 2012. An event that brought together spiritual, organizational business and societal leaders.  Consciousness was raised, attitudes changed, visions created. This will impact our behavior for a sustainable world where happiness, health and wellbeing for all beings are our primary goals. It is meant to be shared, inspire and give wings to continuous conscious collective action in your own environment and beyond. We are looking forward to continue our common journey towards a more sustainable world.

Muriel Arts, SEAL Institute
Sander Tideman, Global Leaders Academy
Brigitte van Baren, Inner Sense

5th – 9th July 2012
At first, human beings used to live in harmony with the environment, using only the resources on the surface of the planet. There was self-regulation, a perfect balance between the population and resources available, and growth was organic.
People were only using renewable energies, the waste was recycled. Then, with the evolution of science and technology and the mechanistic paradigm, people's view and attitude towards our Mother Earth changed radically, and man became a predator.
In order to increase development and to face the demographic ascending curve, we started to look for energy under the ground and God OIL became the savior and also our killer.

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BILD1322 [300]On 16 May 2012, Heidi and Gopi participated in the UN University programme called "Bonn dialogues", it was held at the Deutsche Welle Radio channel. The panel discussion was "Cities: Drivers of development - drivers of risk?".
Gopi then attended another side event (around 60 participants) where the audience was allowed to ask questions. One of the speakers in the panel was Doreen Stabinsky, Senior Advisor on Trade and Governance at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (ATP). Gopi met her personally, presented the BK flyer and told her about the natural farming and yogic agriculture carried out by the BK in different countries.

interfaith forum 2012 (2)Interfaith Forum held at the Blue Mountains Environment Expo, 16th June, 2012, Australia.

The forum was part of a larger Blue Mountains Environment Expo. The Asian Green Team and the wing in Australia also had a number of small programmes for World Environment Day. How do we conceive of ourselves in relation to the earth? Embracing spiritual wisdom from four traditions, the speakers at this forum aimed to address the inner changes that climate change requires of us.

pachamamaDuring the past years of service in the environment field a lot of service has happened in working closely together with other organizations. The next co-operation is with The Pachamama Alliance, an organization committed to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet. They have developed the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, merging the wisdom of indigenous people from the Amazon rainforest with the insights of the modern world.



Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.