CoalNews received from Brahma Kumaris in Australia: The Climate March in Melbourne on 27th Nov. - “FAREWELL TO COAL”

Brahma Kumaris (BK) were asked to be at an Interfaith service at 5pm in Wesley Church in CBD, Victoria.. The church was built in 1858, so it is old by Australian standards. The organisers asked BK to read a sweet universal message then they sent this video with scenes of the march etc.

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Over 40,000 marched representing all living generations. It was a peaceful, upbeat vibration.

Back 410On November 8th 2015, a Mega Public Program on “Collective Raj-yoga for Universal Peace” organized by the Brahma Kumaris institution at India Gate Grounds was held.  It witnessed a huge gathering of around fifty thousand raj-yoga practitioners from India and abroad. Over nine lakh raj-yoga students of Brahma Kumaris in 146 countries in all continents also did meditation at the same Indian time.  Dadi Janki, who is almost 100 years old, gave a talk in which she emphasised that a spiritual lifestyle will improve the atmosphere and reduce the effects of climate change.


Geneva2015At the Human Rights Council, 22 September 2015, a group of civil society organisations in Geneva working on climate change and human rights organised a Side Event “From Geneva to Paris: One voice on rights for a just climate agreement”. This side event offered an opportunity to hear the joint call of constituencies of the civil society to include strong and effective human rights language in the Agreement in Paris and views of the States leading the UNFCCC process.

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Francois201506François Becher (Brahma Kumaris, France) visited Kyrgyzstan and on 8 and 9 July 2015 he gave two public lectures: “Our Inner Ecology and our Outer Environment” and “The Way to Wisdom” at the library of the Kyrgyz State University.  He also ran a retreat and inspired meditation in some very eco-friendly buildings.

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The Brahma Kumaris family in Gold Coast Australia tell a wonderful story of the tree in their garden and how it was saved from the ravages of cyclone Oswald.

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