ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS Walking InitiativesThe Brahma Kumaris family, in the main centre in London, created a wonderful walking initiative that was originally done for World Environment Day.  Now London Eco friends are organising a walk each month on different themes.  It’s a great idea and could be done at any of the BK centres.  There is also a very informative presentation done by Mike Hudson which he gave both at GCH and Lisbon (contact Mike at Global Co-ooperation House, London).  Two images describing these can be seen from the links below:

jpgThe initiative in London

jpgThe plan suggestion

Leura2016The Brahma Kumaris Australia Environment Wing have sent out there latest newsletter describing their successes in persuading the BK family to become vegan, to grow and plant more things and to generally create a more sustainable world, all while having fun at the same time.

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VisitingTharDesertPatrick Johann Schindler – International Relations Advisor at the São Paulo State Department for Sanitation and Water Resources visited the Thar desert in Rajastan, India with his notebook and camera.  It is a place of frequent drought and the indigenous people have found successful ways of coping with this.  Patrick describes the techniques they use and his time with these colourful people.

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OceanMeditation2016On Sunday 12 June, following International Oceans Day, at the cine Rex, the biggest cinema theatre in Paris a team of committed people organised “24 hours to meditate for water, whales and dolphins”.  The Brahma Kumaris took an active part in this event.

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Kenya2016After the United Nations programmes in Kenya, the Environment team visited a number of BK and governmental locations in Kenya sharing the environmental message linking the state of the world to our internal spiritual state.  Their visits were very well received.  The report contains many photos.

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Understanding the laws of nature does not mean that we are immune to their operations.