NST Press interview on Br GoloDuring his visit to Malaysia, Golo Pilz was interviewed by the New Sunday Times, The Sunday edition of the New Straits Times which is Malaysia's oldest newspaper.  Golo spoke about the consequences of global warming and the importance of spiritual values and renewable energies to assist in protecting the future of the planet.

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MotherEarthDayThis meeting of the Mother Earth Day panel took place on the same day of the signing in New York of the Paris COP21 Agreement. The meeting was to share ideas about caring for and nurturing the planet we live on.  The meeting was attended by representatives from all around the world.  Sonja Ohlsson presented thoughts about how the Brahma Kumaris life-style blended spirituality and a sustainable lifestyle that was good for the planet.  She also presented the development of the India-One solar plant being completed in Rajastan, India.

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WaterAwardThe Brahma Kumaris received an award from the World CSR Congress for BEST WATER MANAGEMENT PRACTICES. A short report can be seen pdfhere

BrazilTereza Cristina, a professional environmentalist, gave a lecture on management of solid waste and general orientation about compost, reducing, reusing, recycling for bk teachers. This was held at the beautiful retreat centre in Brazil. They all learned much from this. Here is a brief report.

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FrancoisFrancois Becher, the most senior member of the Brahma Kumaris in France has a special interest in environmental issues.  He visited Columbia and presented a number of programs.  He also gave interviews to radio stations and members of the government.  The Brahma Kumaris family in Columbia found his vist to be inspiring such that they have now created their own environmental team.  After their own training, they will train the rest of the Brahma Kumaris family and then the public.  This report has many photos and, although it has few words, it has links to all the recorded events so it is a very good resource.





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