Saturday June 16 2012

Climate Change - Inner Change - Shift in Consciousness
Interfaith Earth Forum

Awakening the Heart reportTransforming Communities through Love and Compassion

"Responding to the Cry of the Earth - Responding to the Human Cry"

United Nations gathering in Nairobi Kenya on March 2nd 2012 - Organized by the Global Peace Initiative of Women in partnership with the Ol ari Nyiro, Laikipia Nature Conservancy

climate change and consciousness

Do thoughts & consciousness impact climate change?

Sunday 19 Feb 2.30pm - 4.30pm Free Admission
South Lakes Foyer, Frieda Scott Room, Stricklandgate

The first in a series of discussions on Climate Change and Consciousness, bringing insight, humour, and respect to a subject that is often beyond reach and celebrating the National Climate Change Week in March 2012

November 4 -6 , 2011, World Trade Center, Mexico City

EXPO En Verde Ser is an event carried out for third consecutive year, is represents the most important sustainable EXPO of the country, it involves more than 180 exhibit companies with inspiring ideas.

pptEXPO En Verde Ser 2011 Presentation

Anthony Strano on Environment & Climate Change Program


See the attached report on this program:
pdfReport - Anthony Strano on Environment Climate Change Program



Let us a little permit Nature to take her own way; she better understands her own affairs than we. Michel de Montaigne